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As a fully licensed Driver you will have much greater opportunity to shop around for a competitive insurance quote, since there are only a very few companies who will insure provisional license holders and then only at a huge premium. • Copy of deed to property. and… finally, if you want to Discover Lanzarote on horseback, Rancho Texas also has riding stables. Why not plan your day to include a trek on this wonderful island (three hour trek to the beach, for experienced riders only @ 54€ or a One hour trek, no experience needed @ 21€).What Is Your Investment Style?Knowing what your risk tolerance and investment style are will help you choose investments more wisely. While there are many different types of investments that one can make, there are really only three specific investment styles – and those three styles tie in with your risk tolerance. The three investment styles are conservative, moderate, and aggressive.Naturally, if you find that you have a low tolerance for risk, your investment style will most likely be conservative or moderate at best. If you have a high tolerance for risk, you will most likely be a moderate or aggressive investor. At the same time, your financial goals will also determine what style of investing you use.If you are saving for retirement in your early twenties, you should use a conservative or moderate style of investing – but if you are trying to get together the funds to buy a home in the next year or two, you would want to use an aggressive style.Conservative investors want to maintain their initial investment. In other words, if they invest $5000 they want to be sure that they will get their initial $5000 back. This type of investor usually invests in common stocks and bonds and short term money market accounts.An interest earning savings account is very common for conservative investors. A moderate investor usually invests much like a conservative investor, but will use a portion of their investment funds for higher risk investments. Many moderate investors invest 50% of their investment funds in safe or conservative investments, and invest the remainder in riskier investments.An aggressive investor is willing to take risks that other investors won’t take. They invest higher amounts of money in riskier ventures in the hopes of achieving larger returns – either over time or in a short amount of time. Aggressive investors often have all or most of their investment funds tied up in the stock market.Again, determining what style of investing you will use will be determined by your financial goals and your risk tolerance. No matter what type of investing you do, however, you should carefully research that investment. Never invest without having all of the facts![Insert Your Resource Box Here](Words: 360)Obstacle CoursesThis summer activity can be played in the park, the beach, or in your backyard. You can use props, actions or a combination of both. When you set-up an obstacle course it doesn’t even have to be for a bunch of kids, one person can play this game too.In your backyard set up stations and have the child or each child move from station to station in a different manner. The can somersault to one, run backwards to the next, and skip to the last one. Other methods of locomotion could include walking like a crab, crawling on all fours, walking sideways, hopping on one foot, or any other sill movement that can be thought of. Using this method is also a tricky way to get kids to move along when you are out for a walk with them. Pick a marker not too far in the distance and have them do a silly move to get to it first. When out at the park, use the play equipment to set-up an obstacle course for the kids. They may have to zigzag through the swings, go down the slide and then touch a tree to win. Involve the kids and ask them what they think should be involved in the obstacle course or race.Equipment that can be used to make the course more challenging are jump ropes, safety cones, different size balls, and other sporting equipment. An obstacle course is anything that makes it trickier to get from point A to point B. You can add in a task for older kids to develop special skills like knot tying or balancing – have them balance on one foot on top of a log to the count of 15. If they fall off they have to start all over again.How To Plan For The Perfect Surfing Vacation...Important Details To ConsiderGoing on a surfing vacation? If you are then you need to carefully plan it out to avoid problems when you get to your destination. To get the best out of your surfing experience, you have to time your trip according to the surfing conditions of the place where you're going. Also, you might want to consider other recreational facilities other than surfing if you want to get the most out of your trip for the most enjoyable and memorable vacation of your life. Here are some details you need to look into during planning.1. Destination and Surfing ConditionsSince your main goal is to surf during your vacation then it would be more beneficial on your end to plan for a destination that offers perfect surfing conditions during your visit. For example, if you're expecting huge swells then you need to check with someone in that area to find out what time of the year would be most suited for a surfing vacation in the area. Also, it is best if you check your schedule first and plan for a visit in a location that offers opportune surfing conditions during your vacation time.2. Equipment to BringIn most cases, surfing vacation tend to be road trips that requires you to travel an overland route to your destination. If you have plenty of room to spare in your SUV then you can pack all the necessary surfing gears -- from surfboards to apparels so you won't have to buy additional gears when you reach your destination.For starters, the main equipment you need to bring is your surf board and a board repair or cleaning kit. Wet suits is not necessary if you're going to surf in a warm tropical climate, however it is a necessary gear if the water is too cold for you to handle. Floatation device or a life jacket is also a plus, but you can easily rent some out on the beach where you plan to spend your surfing vacation.3. AccommodationsIt is very important that you consider the place where you will be staying when you go on your surfing vacation. In most cases, a hotel besides the beach where you plan to do your surfing is the best choice for you. Also, some vacationers tend to camp out on the beach for a few days which is part of a surfer's lifestyle -- especially when you're with a group.There are just some of the details you need to consider during the planning of your surfing vacation. There might be other items on your list that needs planning, like camping equipment if you're going in a remote location without no hotels or a house to keep the weather off you during your stay. It all depends on where you plan to spend your surfing holiday. Just make sure you bring extra funds just in case for last minute purchases. Start a Reading ClubReading is an activity that should occur all year round but it can be made into a fun summertime activity too. If each child doesn’t have their own library card yet, that is a good place to start. While you are there, see if there is any summer reading programs available to join. If there are, great sign-up the kids but if there isn’t start one of your own.Most summer reading programs will focus on getting children to read as many stories as they can in a set period of time. For younger children who can’t read yet, each book that is read to them will count as one book towards the final tally. You may want to break the program up into smaller chunks, either two-one month programs or hold one every two weeks.Have the children keep a list of the name of the book they read and the day (or date range if it is a chapter book). You may find that you are taking frequent trips to the library as your kids are going through the books, but that is a great thing! This will teach children to be responsible for their library books and the importance of taking care of things that do not belong to them.You can award prizes to the child with the most books read, something small like a bookmark or you can take them to a book store to purchase a book that they can keep. If you do decide to give out prizes, consider having small second and third place awards too. Whenever children are showing an interest in reading your want to cultivate and encourage it. Something as simple as a blue ribbon or a certificate printed from the computer with their name on it saying they completed the reading contest will be fine.Surfing Lifestyle - The Norm Of A Surfer's LifeHave you ever wonder if there is more to surfing than picking out waves for you to surf on? Well, there is. If you really want to be a seasoned surfer then you need to get into the surfing lifestyle if you really want to experience the best out of this water sport.The ChallengeLet's face it; any seasoned surfer would get too excited when seeing a huge swell staring at them right in the face. It is part of the challenge, the thrill of adventure, to brave the huge, towering swells that presents a wonder opportunity to try out your skills and perform your moves seamlessly in that life-threatening situation. This is why you will see surfers often talking to each other deciding on where they plan to surf next -- preferably with good surfing conditions that pose a challenge to their expertise.Improving One's PerformanceA surfer is never contented with their current performance and skills. This is why you will find a lot of seasoned surfers frequently visiting surf shops to see the latest release on boards, surfing accessories, and surfboard maintenance supplies to improve their performance. Despite the expense, surfers would go out of their way to get the best surfboards that money can buy to compliment their skills when out performing on the water.Group ActivitiesSurfers tend to be a crowd -- surfers group among themselves to share experiences and to plan surfing trips to take them in new surfspots and enjoy new thrills with their sport. Also, it is normal for surfers to camp out on a beach with bonfires and beach music and just party around. It is a great way to relieve stress and improve camaraderie with other surfers.Surfing Road TripsThat's right; surfers love to find new places to surf and show off their skills. If you want to get a surfer excited, show them a new surfing spot and the opportunities it offers for a fun-filled experience. In most cases, surfing vacations are planned road-trips -- going from one location to another and find great beaches to surf on. Some surfers tend to go to extremes and look for surfing grounds in other countries for added experience.Surfing Is For EveryoneThere is no norm that only popular guys and girls are the only ones who can surf. The current trend includes everyone with a surfboard to try their hand out in the sport. This is one reason why surf shops and beach resorts offer surfing as part of their package -- offering the expertise of a seasoned surfer for a quick surfing tutorial to give you a step-by-step guide on how to surf like an expert and get the most out of the experience.The surfing lifestyle is not limited to surfers alone. Anyone can be a surfer and integrate their routines into the surfer's norm. Hanging out at the beach and grab your surfboard when you find a wave forming in the horizon is just a small step. Music, camaraderie, and sharing of experiences make it one of the most active lifestyle today and have been a fuel that allowed it to gain popularity in different customs around the globe. Title: 25 Ways Get 10 Mins Of Fitness Exercise-PT#1Word Count:431Summary:Experts recommend working out 45 minutes to an hour a day (30 minutes for beginners) for weight loss and fitness. But if you're like most women, you don't always have a block of 30 to 60 minutes a day to devote exclusively to doing your workouts. of your delivery agents. You've got a great deal on print, don't blow it with distribution. }

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